Post-developmentalism Social Movement (Solidarity Economy) Innovations in the Revitalization of Cooperation to Protect The Existence of Local SME Products.

Master degree student in Public Policy and Management Program, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Fuad Setiawan Khabibi, September 2014

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Summary :

In 2000, after the Government decided to issue the modern retail business from negative-list of laws for Foreign Investment, the growth of modern retailing in Indonesia to be extremely rapidly. Those ideas turned out to carry a negative impact is so great, especially for the SME of marketing the product locally. One of them Samigaluh, Kulon Progo. The presence of Samigaluh in modern retail stores has been turning out traditional shops belonging to the community. So they can no longer afford to market different products to local SMEs. Seeing the situation, some members of the public in Samigaluh, to initiate a cooperative concept very interesting. They revitalize the cooperative which adopted solidarity economy movement. The movement is one representation of the movement of the post-developmentalism. There are interesting phenomenon in the movement of the post-developmentalism. The findings in the field showed that the movement adopts the concept of mix-marketing. In fact, the marketing mix-is a concept used by UKM Mart Al-Amin competitor, the Alfamart. In the study of post-developmentalism, this can be viewed as an “innovation”. The phenomenon of this post-developmentalism movement became increasingly attractive when the solidarity economy and the mix-marketing collaborate to run the protection mechanism against local SME products. This research has several goals. First, identify the representative or whether movement post-developmentalism in the UKM Mart Al-Amin. Second, know the extent of the innovation movement post-developmentalism was able to protect the existence of local SME products. This is done by knowing the innovation forms the movement, protection mechanisms for local SME products and see a barrier faced by UKM Mart Al-Amin. And the third, knowing how big the strengthening of the capacity and participation of members who do UKM Mart Al-Amin to support innovation movement post-developmentalism.

Theories on the post-developmentalism social movement innovation adapted from the post-developmentalism experts thought, like Escobar, Pieterse, Nancy, Sally, Gregor, Siemiatycki, and Miller. While the theory of participation and strengthening of capacities, each adapted from Grindle Mubyarto and thought-provoking. This research used the qualitative paradigm approach with the method explanatory.

Based on the results of the analysis, it can be noted that the movement is done in a cooperative UKM Mart Al-Amin is a representation of the post-developmentalism social movement. As for the post-developmentalism social movement innovation practiced by way of integrating the concept of solidarity economy with mix-marketing. Innovation occurs in the stage of solidarity economy, namely: creation, production, transfer, consumption and the surplus allocation. Various innovations on the fifth stage of the solidarity economy, done by adopting the concept of the mix-marketing, namely: product, place, price, promotion, physical appearance, the process and the people involved.

In carrying out the post-developmentalism social movement innovation, the UKM Mart experience various barriers. Internal barriers faced by UKM Mart, such as: low quality of human resources, the quality of the products and the support of management. While the external obstacles include environmental conditions and expansion of modern retail stores.

In the development of the post-developmentalism social movement innovation , the participation of UKM Mart Al-Amin members is very nice. This can be seen in the participation in policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation of benefit claim. Based on the results of the analysis, it can be noted that the participation of the members can run well, so it is able to support the movement of innovation development. In addition, UKM Mart is also doing strengthening the capacity to support the development of the post-developmentalism social movement innovation. Strengthening the capacity of this was done by way of doing development of human resources, strengthening the organization and institutional reform. Based on the results of the analysis, it can be noted that strengthening capacity within UKM Mart Al-Amin was able to support the development of the post-developmentalism social movement innovation.