Social Cooperatives in Greece Introducing New Forms of Social Economy and Entrepreneurship

International Review of Social Research. Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2012, 151-171

Ioannis NASIOULAS, June 2012

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Summary :

In this article, we investigate on the historical and civic foundations, along with emerging potentials of social cooperatives in Greece. Constituting the most innovative actor of social economy in the country, currently introduced institutional forms of social cooperatives enhance an already plural and vibrant field of not-for-profit activity, which was regrettably left to stagnate under political patronage and structural deficiencies. The introduction of Social Entrepreneurial Cooperatives by Law 4019/2011 and the explicit recognition of social economy for the first time, provide for a decisive jumpstart toward a viable structuration of the field. Along with a concise theorization on the concepts of social economy and social enterprise, a (highly practical for non-Greek speaking readers) integrated register of cooperative entities, cooperative legislation and auditing authorities in Greece is annexed.