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Social economy entities: a worldwide overview

Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research, 2013, vol. 6, issue 2, pages 111-120

Alina Aurelia Grigore, 2013

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Summary :

The third millennium strongly shook the classic economic models, which are no longer able to face social pressure and labor market challenges. Based on solidarity, social responsibility and sustainable growth, social economy is presented to be an alternative for solving the diverse problems of modern society, especially the work integration of vulnerable people. At the European level, the definition of social economy was first promoted in 2002 at the European Standing Conference of Cooperatives, Mutual Societies, Associations and Foundations and the term of social enterprise as actor of the social economy field was recognized in October 2011. But social enterprises’ history goes back hundreds of years ago and these organizations could be found all over the Globe. This paper aims to present the social economy models existing worldwide and their mechanism of operation, with a focus on European social economy models.