How environmental awareness can be practical and funny while puzzling economists: exchange networks, parallel currencies & free bazaars in Greece

Journal of Innovation Economics, no 8 (2011/2), p. 89-117

Irene Sotiropoulou, 2011

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Compendio :

Methodology of research

The existing literature13

Possible theoretical approaches

The crack – Η ρωγμή

Simmel’s philosophy of money and Bateson’s ecology of the mind

Collective viewings of value, keeping-while-giving and grassroots transaction mechanisms

The schemes studied: environmental awareness & good life

Exchange networks

Free-exchange bazaars (χαριστικά-ανταλλακτικά παζάρια) and free networks (χαριστικά δίκτυα)

Parallel currencies

Sui generis schemes

Theoretical issues raised by the schemes studied

The schemes studied (again): a first attempt to answer questions

Schemes studied and the economic and financial “crisis” in Greece

Issues to be further researched