The potential of the Social Economy for local development in Africa: An exploratory report


Carlo Borzaga, Giulia Galera, maio 2014

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The Social Economy is increasingly attracting the interest of policy makers and scholars alike, thanks to its capacity to tackle key social and economic issues. While the importance of the Social Economy has been recognised by the EU, its role in supporting local development in other continents is still widely overlooked.

This exploratory study provides an overview of the Social Economy in Africa and its potential for local development, focusing in particular on specific types of social economy organisations in four African countries: farmer-based-organisations in Ghana, agricultural co-operatives in Morocco, and a variety of community-based organisations in Ethiopia and Kenya.

This study reveals that the Social Economy is a growing segment of the African economy, and that it substantially contributes to improving the wellbeing of local communities. However, some barriers to its development remain, including weak legal frameworks and inadequate policies; weak governance; and poorly developed managerial practices.

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