Improving Access to Community-Based Food Systems in Adelaide, South Australia: Strategies to Encourage Low-Socioeconomic Status Groups to Participate

Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition Volume 9, Issue 1, 2014

Kylie Markow, John Coveney, Sue Booth, 2014

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Summary :

The benefits of community-based food systems (CFSs) are well documented; however, evidence suggests limited access for socioeconomically disadvantaged people. Focus groups with low-socioeconomic status (SES) individuals explored enablers and barriers to using CFSs and potential modifications to enhance their participation. Participants believed that CFSs must improve their affordability and convenience and provide more information to enhance access by low-SES groups. Participant-generated strategies addressed each of these issues. CFSs will likely require a suite of strategies to attract low-SES patrons; however, these must be compatible with other goals integral to CFSs to ensure their sustainability.

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