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The Terra TRCTM White paper

Many have a wait and see attitude to innovative proposals of this nature, but they shouldn’t with the Terra. The TRC reduces risk, stabilizes the world economy and is a more cost effective approach for international business.”

Takashi Kiuchi, 2004

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Our world today is faced with global systemic issues such as the lack of an international standard of value, currency instability and the uncertainties of the business cycle. While such concerns may at first seem like boring economic or financial problems of little concern to the average person, they are in fact key issues. Their continued lack of resolution impacts significantly upon our world: a simultaneous recession in the three major world economies, lack of investments in developing nations, the ongoing conflict between the short-term financial demands of shareholders and long term sustainability, the many currency crises and associated suffering that has affected no less than 87 nations over the course of these last twenty five years… all these concerns are related to the unresolved systemic issues cited above. Yet, there has been a lack of initiatives by financial and monetary institutions.

These key global issues require a response of sufficient scope and magnitude if they are to be redressed in an effective manner. Furthermore, such a response, if it is to succeed, must acknowledge the requirements and concerns of the most influential decision makers of our world today—the multinationals— and take carefully into consideration, as well, the realities of our present-day geopolitical climate and monetary system.

This paper will examine The Terra Trade Reference Currency (Terra TRC, hereafter referred to in shorthand as Terra)—a supra-national complementary currency initiative, intended to work in parallel with the current international monetary system to provide an effective mechanism by which to redress important such global issues.

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