Innovative Initiatives for Welfare. Non-Banking and Banking Initiatives - An Overview -

Ton Brunsveld, 2001

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the main purpose of this paper is to overviewww

innovative initiatives that contribute to sustainable welfare in both the ‘

underdeveloped ‘ and the ‘ overdeveloped ‘ countries. As such, perhaps an

additional view on globalization is offered. For this purpose, two sets of

overviews are presented in three sections:

• The main problems that came along with the success of the money

economy are overviewed in section 2. This section is included since the

problems of money’s success inspired people worldwide to taking welfaredriven

innovative initiatives inside and outside the money economy.

• Categories and cases of welfare-inspired initiatives and their strengths and

possible weaknesses are overviewed in sections 3 and 4. Two main

categories are distinguished: Non-Banking Initiatives and Banking


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