Urban Agriculture and Community Food Security in the United States: Farming from the City Center To the Urban Fringe

Urban Agriculture Committee of the Community Food Security Coalition Katherine H. Brown, Anne Carter, 2002

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Contributors: Martin Bailkey, Terri Buchanan, Alison Meares-Cohen, Peter Mann, Joe Nasr,

and Jac Smit and the many workers in urban agriculture and food security.

Editors: Anne Carter, Peter Mann, and Jac Smit

While we recognize that agriculture is more than just growing food, this primer focuses on the production, processing and distribution of locally grown edible agricultural products that will lead to an increase in food security and overall public health. It advocates for policies that support small and medium scale urban and peri-urban farming and prepares new generations of urban farming leaders. The task is to increase public understanding that urban agriculture is a major instrument against hunger and poverty.

The primer begins with an overview of the variety of forms that urban agriculture is taking in the United States, and the range of farmers found there. It also addresses some of the positive impacts – current and potential – of urban agriculture on community food security. It lists some of the challenges facing urban agriculture and suggests ways that these might be addressed. Also, it outlines key policy changes that can further expand the effectiveness of urban agriculture. The final section provides additional contacts and resources for those who are promoting sustainable and just urban food systems.

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Urban Agriculture Committee of the Community Food Security Coalition