THE OTHER WAY (A new society in a slow economy)

Francesco Gesualdi, 2009

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The situation is serious. For the first time in history, capitalism is experiencing a triple crisis,

economic, social and environmental. The causes are well-known by now and no comments are

necessary. The time is past for analysis: now we need proposals.

This pamphlet is important because it concentrates on solutions. Not short-term solutions

which simply postpone the problems, but a more thorough research for definitive answers.

It is clear that opulent countries of the world must reduce consumption. Only in this way will

the environmental balance be re-established in respect of future generation and of the poorest

populations yet to experience the basic comforts and securities that the rich world take for


On an individual level, many people have decided to adopt lighter lifestyles in terms of

footprint, and their conclusion is that change is possible and indeed pleasant. Difficulties arise

on a social level: if we consume less what will become of jobs? If we produce less, who will

supply the state with the money to provide public services?

Employment and public economy maintenance are the two key factors that keep us tightly

connected to growth.

The dilemma seems irresolvable but as this pamphlet claims, there is a way out, if only we can

reduce the centrality of the market and free the public economy from dependence on tax. We

should re-evaluate self sufficiency, and get away from an economy like a castle built on just

one pillar, to an economy more like a village formed of independent and autonomous little


Is this Utopia? Possibly. But resources are diminishing, the climate more and more unstable

and population inequalities more and more pronounced.

Big decisions can no longer be postponed.

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