Interview of NETECO - Integral Human Rights Organi

Importance of the work of group and to improve food.

Chilo Villareal, março 2004

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I - What is the main goal of your economic activity?

Working in group to raise awareness of the need to gather and organize ourselves in order to look for economic alternatives.

II - Are you engaged in a DIFFERENT economy? How does it differ from the dominant economy?

We put into practice, as a group, what we have already learnt, improving crops by means of organic fertilizers and in this way obtaining healthier food.

III -What does ABUNDANCE mean to you? Is material abundance an aim or the means to achieve something else? What is that something else?

Abundance means healthy food for ourselves and for others.

IV - What VALUES do you and your fellow workers put into practice in your daily life and at work? Is it possible, in your opinion, for these values to become predominant in society as a whole? How can they be mainstreamed?

Humility, solidarity, communicating, transmitting, setting an example by consuming what we produce, organizing workshops, preparing leaflets, focusing on divulging our practices.

V - What innovations have you developed in terms of organization, management and appropriation of the fruits of labor?

We organize workshops, we support working practices and we make contacts with other organizations that pursue the same goals.

VI - Do you think that working in solidarity networks or in solidarity production chains is important? What are these in your opinion?

Networking is important because it enables us to communicate with other organizations and helps us gain experience from the achievements and outputs of others.

VII - Does your activity influence community life? How and in what spheres?

Yes, it does, because through it we provide advice, training and guidance, teaching people to defend themselves.

VIII - What is work in your experience? What is its value and meaning in life?

Work means organizing, supporting, teaching, sharing experiences and feeling more united.

IX _ What role do WOMEN play in a cooperation and solidarity-based economic initiative?

In our organization, women are the ones who get involved the most, take the most initiative and are the most motivating.

X - How can public policies and the State contribute to the advancement of a Solidarity Socioeconomy?

Change in our country will be possible when we have conscientious people in power, people guided by human values.

XI - Do you believe that globalization of cooperation and solidarity is possible? How can it come true?

Yes, we believe it is possible because we’ve come to realize, in our few achievements, that we can make a dream come true by working together with other organizations, sharing our experience.

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