The World Bank

A proposal to replace the Bank with a substantially shrunk global institution that makes long-term, low interest loans but is more democratic and transparent, among other changes.

Robin Broad, February 2005

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Summary :

This is a critical moment for reflection on World Bank advocacy work since James Wolfensohn, the Bank’s most dominant and imposing president since Robert McNamara, is stepping down in June 2005 after 10 years in the job. There will be a major debate in the financial and general press on what role the World Bank should play under a new president. Organizations and individuals in our movements need to be at the center of this debate with bold new proposals, and we need to be ready to respond to what is likely to be a new agenda of a President Bush appointee…It is time to focus on the bridge between our decades-long criticism of the current global institutions (which has time and again proven correct) and our more recent, vibrant work on global alternatives.

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