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Final declaration of the world forum on food sovereignty, Havana, Cuba, September 7, 2001

From September 3 to 7, 2001, some 400 delegates from peasant and indigenous organizations, fishing associations, non-governmental organizations, social agencies, academics and researchers from 60 countries around the world met in Havana, Cuba at the World Forum on Food Sovereignty. The forum gathered organizations and people committed to sustainable food systems and the peoples’ right to produce, feed themselves and exercise their food sovereignty.

September 2001

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Summary :

Five years after the World Food Summit and following two decades of the application of neoliberal policies by a large part of governments, the promises and commitments made to satisfy the food and nutritional needs of all are far from being fulfilled. On the contrary, the reality is that the economic, agricultural, fishing and trade policies imposed by the World Bank, IMF and WTO, promoted by the transnational corporations, have widened the gap between the wealthy and poor countries and have worsened the conditions of food production and access to healthy and sufficient nutrition for the majority of the world’s peoples, even in the so-called developed countries.

The declaration denounces the real causes of hunger and malnutrition, that is to say determined economic, agricultural and trade policies on a global, regional and national scale that have been imposed by the powers of the developed countries and their corporations for the purpose of maintaining and increasing their political, economic, cultural and military hegemony within the current process of global economic restructuring. The signatories agreed on several claims, viable proposals, alternatives and strategies for action on a local, national and global scale, aimed at reversing current trends and promoting new focuses, policies and initiatives that can guarantee a dignified and hunger-free present and future for all the men and women of the world.