The principle of active subsidiarity : reconciling unity and diversity

In this article Pierre Calame explains the necessity of adopting the principle of active subsidiarity. In fact this concept offers new ways of understanding and articulating contemporary problems and allows the elaboration of innovative propositions.

Pierre Calame, February 1998

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Summary :

Pierre Calame defines the principle of active subsidiarity as being both a philosophy and a method of governing, stemming from the need in the modern world to reconcile unity and diversity.

This principle provides the possibility of grasping a reality in its global and systemic nature, to think the articulation of scales of action and it entails a collective and continuous elaboration. The author narrates the events that lead him to think of a different perspective. It is by analysing various situations encountered at European, national and local levels of policy process that he demonstrates the possibility of innovation that could result from the implementation of the principle of active subsidiarity.