Honouring Paul Sinappan (1950-2021)

June 2021

ASEC hosted an online memorial service on Saturday, June 26, 2021 in honour of Bro Paul Sinappan (1950-2021). The late Paul Sinappan was a staff of the National Office of Human Development (NOHD). He worked with the Credit Union Cooperative of Batang Berjuntai, Selangor, Malaysia and was a community development trainer.

1. HONOURING PAUL SINAPPAN (1950-2021) – Activist for the poor & in building alternative economy pathway through cooperative movement.

2. Video: Memorial Sharing - Honouring bro Paul Sinappan

3. Tribute to the late PAUL SINAPPAN by Ms OOI KIAH HUI

4. Remembering Paul Sinappan by KON ONN SEIN

5. PowerPoint : Honouring Bro Paul Sinnappan 1950 – 2021

6. Paul Sinappan Memorial

7. Video : Documentary - Small loans changed lives