ASEC Team at the Asian People Forum 2018 at Singapore

ASEC hosted a workshop on Nov 3, 2018 during the ASEAN People Forum entitled TRANSFORMATIVE ECONOMIC MOVEMENTS AT THE ASEAN GRASSROOTS: HOPE & INCLUSION

The progamme

Programme ASEC PAnel


1. Dr. Denison Jayasooria, Slides Conceptualizing SDGs and SSE and Comparative analysis finding coherence between Social Solidarity Economy (SSE), Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) & Asean Community Vision 2025

2. Dr. Ben Quiñones, Collective Enterprise as a Workplace: 
 A Philippine case

3. Feedback from WS1 Transformative Economic Movements at the ASEAN Grassroots HOPE & INCLUSION

4. ASEC team at Asian People Forum 2018 Advocating Transformative Economies through SSSE & SDGs