Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson was born and grew-up in the panhandle of Texas in 1942. His parents, an Irish immigrant and a Mississippi gentleman, met on a stuck elevator in New York City. Around 16 he realized that « the world didn’t work very well,” but didn’t have a clue as to what to do about it. After college he became deeply involved in community organizing group dynamics, and experiential learning in New York City from 1968-1973, and the desegregation of the Austin school system 1976-1980. Returning to NYC in 1980 he co-founded a large intentional community. It has also been a site for experiential research in cooperative culture. He is still there 34 years later. In 2007 he began immersing himself in the worker co-op and solidarity economic movements through the Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives, the Grassroots Economic Organizing journal, and the SolidarityNYC collective. He blogs and writes at geo.coop/blogs/michaeljohnson.

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