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Walden Bello

2 Documentos de análises/working paper/articulos | Uma nota de leitura

2 Documentos de análises/working paper/articulos

  • Synthesis Report on the E Forum on International Regulations

    This synthesis report presents the various papers written by participants in the International Regulations Workshop and attempts to draw out the key points and recommendations of each paper and the agreements and disagreements that emerged in the exchange.

    Walden Bello, Dezembro 2005

  • Can the IMF be Reformed?

    A proposal for a radically disempowered IMF, turned into just another actor co-existing with and being checked by other international organizations, agreements and regional groupings. De los Reyes and Bello argue for international regional institutions to supplant the IMF as a regulator of global finance.

    Walden Bello, Agosto 2005

    Focus on the Global South

Uma nota de leitura