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Gill Seyfang

CSERGE,School of Environmental Science,University of East Anglia,Norwich, United Kingdom

Dr Gill Seyfang holds a prestigious RCUK Academic Fellowship in the School of Environmental Sciences, and is developing a programme of research around Low-Carbon Lifestyles.

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One publication

One case study

  • Time Banks in the UK: Building Sustainable Communities

    The challenge to create sustainable communities is identified as a core priority in ‘Securing The Future’, the UK government’s strategy for sustainable development. Tackling social exclusion and building neighbourhood engagement are seen as principal elements of that objective, and there is an urgent need for tools and initiatives to achieve these aims. Community currencies are a grassroots innovation which claim to meet those goals. They are initiatives which develop and utilise an alternative medium of exchange, to enable people to trade goods and services without using cash.

    Gill Seyfang, September 2006

    University of East Anglia, UK

9 Analyses/working papers/articles