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Heloisa Primavera

Heloisa PRIMAVERA is a professor in the College of Economics at the University of Buenos Aires. She co-founded REDLASES - Latin American Network of Solidarity Socio-Economy in 1999, and is currently driving the COLIBRI Project, whose main objective is training and networking of 1500 promoters of Sustainable Integrated Development in Latin America. It was launched in 1996 to promote trade networks with social currency in Latin America. Primavera has hosted since 2000 the Working Group of Social Money WSSE - Cluster Socioeconomics Solidarity Alliance for a responsible world, plural and united. Born in Brazil, she studied Biology in Sao Paulo and completed her graduate studies in Molecular Biology and Neurophysiology in France. She studied Social Sciences under the direction of Professor Darcy Ribeiro.

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Una pubblicazione

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10 Documenti di analisi/working papers/articoli

2 Interventi pubblici

  • Wealth, money and power: the ephemeral “Argentinean miracle” of the exchange networks

    This text is Heloisa Primavera’s presentation during the introduction to the National Day of Solidarity-Based Barter and Economy, organized on 6 September 2002 by the Instituto del Conurbano, the Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento and the PNUD. It was one of the reports from the panel on the phenomenon of money within barter networks and contributes to an understanding of the Argentine « case » from a more anthropological and predictive perspective.

    Heloisa Primavera, dicembre 2002

  • Richesse, argent et pouvoir : l’éphémère «miracle argentin» des réseaux de troc

    Ce texte est l’exposé de Heloisa Primavera lors de la présentation de la Journée Nationale de Troc et Economie Solidaires, organisée le 6 septembre 2002 par l’Instituto del Conurbano, l’Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento et le PNUD. Il faisait partie des rapports du panel sur le phénomène de l’argent au sein des réseaux de troc et contribue à une compréhension du « cas » Argentine dans une perspective plus anthropologique et prospective.

    Heloisa Primavera, dicembre 2002