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Banca Etica

The idea behind Banca Etica consists in creating a place where savers, driven by the common desire of a more transparent and responsible management of financial resources, may meet socio-economic initiatives, inspired by the values of a sustainable social and human development.

The bank manages savings raised from private citizens, as singles or families, organisations, companies and institutions in general, and invests them in initiatives pursuing both social and economic objectives, operating in full respect of human dignity and the environment.

In such context Banca Etica sets out to educate both savers and borrowers by enhancing the awareness of the formers about their saving’s destination, and encouraging the latter to develop their management and entrepreneurial abilities.

Banca Etica does not set out to reject the basic rules of finance, but it rather seeks to reform its main values.

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One video

A pedagogical tool

One case study

  • Le rôle de la Banca Popolare Etica, Italie

    Parallèlement à la dynamique du Pôle socio économie solidaire et du chantier Finance Solidaire, un groupe de travail (FPH, CIDR, Intercoopération suisse, IRAM, FINANSOL) s’est réuni régulièrement, depuis mars 2000, pour réfléchir sur les rapports entre finance solidaire et liens sociaux.

    Fabio Salviato, November 2002

    Banca Etica

4 Analyses/working papers/articles

One public contribution

  • Methode VARI d’évaluation de projets sociétaux

    Questionnaire d’évaluation Socio-Environnementale (VARI: Valori Requisiti Indicatori) élaboré et utilisé par la Banca Etica dans l’évaluation des entreprises sociales.

    August 2002

    Banca Etica

An article