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Energy currency, proceedings of the first International Social Transformation Conference, July 2012, Split, Croatia

Multiple authors, July 2012

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Summary :

Papers of the First International Social Transformation Conference, 10-12 July 2012, Split, Croatia: Energy currency: Energy as the fundamental measure of cost, price and value.


  • Bart Klein Ikink “Natural Money proposal for the Tesla Conference”

  • Jem Bendelland Matthew Slater “A Better Kind of Backing:Helping Sustainable Currencies to Scale”

  • Joel Thompson “Combining Natural Savings and Parallel Planting in Kenya: a green currency to support indigenous forest stewardship”

  • Jeff Beller and Susan Caumont “Human energy renewable measure”

  • Steivan Defilla “Metrological Aspects of an Energy-Based Currency System”

  • Peter Etherden “The Energy of Human Sovereignty”

  • Ellen Brown “Sustainable Money for a Sustainable Economy”

  • Prof. Christian Arnsperger “Money, energy, and sustainability:Could sustainable banks, governmental money creation, and complementary currencies be combined for a better future?”

  • Prof. Margrit Kennedy “Our Concept Of Money Used To Rule The World - With the use of new concepts we can rule money?”

  • Graham Barnes “The Lotof the Currency Designer”

  • Christophe Place “Impact Assessment of Economic and Monetary Innovations for their Financing and Improvement”

  • Warren Coats “Real SDR Currency Board”

  • John Erik Meyer “The Perfect Currency”

  • Malcolm Greenstuard “Cosmic Accounting, Monergetics,Watt-Up”

  • Jim Rogers “The Power Economy”

  • Dr. Jeffrey Eisen “Whole Systems Economics. Going Beyond Energy-backed Currency to Consciousness-backed Culture”

  • Nick Gogerty and Jozeph Zitoli “DeKo. Anenergy backed currency proposal”

  • Prof. Alexander Bandura “Energy cost as an initial driving force of macroeconomic dynamics: resource (energy) model of economic cycle”

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Site of the teslaconference on Social Transformation