Sitio de recursos de la economía social y solidaria

Cassa Rurale di Bolzano Soc. Cooperativa


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Since 2000 Ethical Banking has become a crucial part of the Raiffeisenkasse Bozen. Since that, other 27 cooperative credit banks (23 Raiffeisenkassen of Südtirol and 4 Italian cooperative credit banks) have joined us in the development of this ambitious project. Our mission is based on the values of solidarity, self-responsibility and self-help. Ethical Banking means investing money in a responsible, transparent and conscious manner, which creates values for all participants. Customers choose the sector, where to invest their money, as for example biological agriculture, fair trade, local handicraft, renewable energy, as well as, the amount of the interest rate. This has a direct impact on the amount of the interest rate of borrowers.

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