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Is there a fair and just price in solidarity economy?

VII Congress of the Network RULESCOOP “Social economy: identity, challenges and strategies” September 5-7, 2012

Irene Sotiropoulou, September 2012

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Summary :

That a solidarity economy cannot but include fair and just prices only, is an essential assumption – however, it is simply an assumption, in any case. After we explore what a fair and just price might be, we dedicate this paper to the examination and study of the possibilities to have really such prices in solidarity economy. Our main concern stems from the fact that all initiatives of solidarity economy have to be established within non-solidary contexts, whether those might be capitalist, or non-capitalist but competitive and/or exploitative in one or another way. We also include in this inquiry the term « social economy » because, just like with the « solidary », using the adjective « social » does not by itself make the economy any better in practical terms. At the end of the day, the inquiry becomes one of political economy: our quest for fair and just prices reminds us of the need to define whom and what each concept of economy is constructed for. It seems that solidarity economy raises through the issue of prices the claim for a fair and just economy in general.