Sitio de recursos de la economía social y solidaria

Social money : Well timed permanence or break from normality ?

Document for the debate of the Social Money Workshop. The author, inspired by the global network of barter of solidarity in Latin America, digs into money as a social phenomenon.

Heloisa Primavera, enero 2001

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Resumen :

Our development as human beings can not be constrained by money. This idea is the principle upon which the global network of barter is based. This network nowadays experiences fast expansion and this contrast with the figures of human development in the region collected in the UN report.

This observation leads the author to explore the meaning of human development and the social nature of money.

He suggests a money free of interests and encourages the use of the paradigm of scarcity (as opposed to the paradigm of abundance of the Belgium economist B.Lietar). The text highlights everyone responsibility in rendering possible what is improbable.