Participación de RIPESS en el Foro Social Mundial de Economías Transformadoras - FSMET virtual 2020

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Saturday June 27, 5 to 7 pm

Building Solidarity Economy in a Time of COVID & Black Lives Matter

In the US, the dual crises of COVID and racist policing are highlighting failures in our racist capitalist patriarchal economy, forcing us to create institutions that better fill our needs. Our panel will discuss grassroots solidarity economy responses - such as mutual aid networks, community gardening, bartering and time banking, and movements for community control of policing and resources - and strategize about bringing them together into a movement for systemic economic transformation.

Mike Strode, Kola Nut Collaborative, Chicago, Illinois, USA, moderator

Kali Acuno, Cooperation Jackson, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Nia Evans, Boston Ujima Project

Dominique Pearson, Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance

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video : Building The Solidarity Economy In The Context of COVID & Black Lives Matter

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