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Mila M. Bunker

One case study

One case study

  • The Social Performance of ASHI: a Participatory Assessment

    The SPI (Social Performance Indicators) initiative, now on its second phase, is testing the auditing tool developed in the first phase with selected MFIs in various parts of the world. The objectives of SPI Steering Committee in conducting this test are to check the accessibility, availability and reliability of the information provided, to define the questions precisely and to test the capacity of the tool to distinguish between different types of MFIs and different approaches to clients, in terms of social performances. One of those selected for an in-depth test of the social performance audit tool is Ahon Sa Hirap, Inc. (ASHI). ASHI engaged an external reviewer to administer the social performance audit. In the process, the external reviewer suggested adopting a participatory approach by involving the clients of ASHI in the external review. This report intends to describe this participatory approach to social performance assessment and to present the results of the experiment.

    Mila M. Bunker, February 2005