Livegreen International Incorporated

LIVEGREEN INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED has been embarking on a strategic organizational development plan which will gather and place the highest importance to EMPOWER farmers, their communities, communal initiatives and cooperatives. Livegreen has been working together with groups of farmers, cooperatives, traders, agri suppliers and suppliers of packaging material, service providers, and financial institutions, linked as a chain, merged into one to deliver our brand swiftly within the reach of our consumers. Livegreen’s strategy includes support to farmers through supply of inputs and farm implement on loan basis deductible from their deliveries. The Company attributes its success to the Filipino farmers and their vital contribution to Philippine agriculture, thus takes initiatives in applying new technologies, developing organic agricultural plans to mutually share the benefits of sustainable livelihood with profit and at the same time provide safe food for consumers. The Company’s initiatives led to the expansion of its business in the following areas: a. Build-Operate-Transfer programs of organic farms. b. Training of professional organic growers, qualified farm technicians and personnel. c. Supply chain of organic vegetables, crops, herbs, seeds and fruits, certified organic inputs and implements and non-perishable item. Livegreen initiated training programs with Benguet State University produced a total of 160 farmer graduates, with 88 already certified and now official contract growers of the Company and with nearly 20 hectares of organic-converted land. The Company is also accredited by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) as a Private Extension Service Provider at the National Level enabling us to conduct various trainings to empower more farmers and the new generation to become professional organic growers and agripreneurs. Trainings include essential and progressive curriculum ensuring the provision of basic concepts and application of knowledge from classroom to field work and the progressive choice to move into a specialization in the value chain of agriculture related activities. Importantly too is Livegreen’s very strict Quality Management Monitoring System that is in place to ensure the best quality and yield. Livegreen owns Organicus and Green Goodness as organic brands/products. Organicus is available in major supermarket chains; while Green Goodness brand is for Livegreen Whole Food Stores, Online and International Markets. Livegreen in truth operates a true C2C model—on one side is its advocacy to help the Filipino farmer and the Agriculture industry itself by providing impetus to Organic Agriculture protocols that have negative or nil impact to the environment. In fact, it even rehabilitates the soil into becoming “living soils” that will sustain and provide nourishment for crops. Tactically, Livegreen shall culminate its marketing efforts and distribution thru a campaign via its supermarket channels, and chains to hype display, merchandising and promotions to “I LIVE GREEN”a call for a lifestyle change, and that this change to a healthier or greener lifestyle supports, in effect, a cycle for sustainable development thru organic agriculture that will benefit the Filipino Farmer, and afford him a better chance and change to a more progressive and sustainable way of living. Of course, along this model, the same is interspersed with other relevant and environment-focused initiatives and campaigns such as the elimination of waste, and not the just the reduction thereof, which is the very principle of the C2C model, whereby waste = food. All of the above underscores Livegreen Triple Bottomline -- Environmental Protection for the PLANET; Safe and Healthy Food for the PEOPLE; and Sustainable Livelihood with PROFIT.