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Fundacion Claritas

Mission, vision and objectives


A cohesive society based on principles of fraternity, justice and solidarity.


To create dialogue scenarios and education paths with political, economic and social sector actors who seek greater social cohesion on the basis of fraternity.


1. To introduce the concept of social cohesion on the basis of fraternity.

2. To train actors of the social, political and economic sector so that their practices contribute to a greater degree to create social cohesion.

3. To promote mutual awareness, dialogue and collaboration among actors of different sectors in order to develop the subjective aspects of cohesion.

4. To encourage the initiation and development of abilities to use ICT by means of participation in relevant, significant and affordable experiences of virtual training, as a manner to contribute in social cohesion from the viewpoint of inclusion

5. To facilitate the connection of programs of corporate social responsibility with social organizations linked to the Foundation.

A training

A training