Blowing in the wind

Article of RIPESS Europe newsletter, April 2023

abril 2023

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The Aegean Tour with the electrified PELAGO was completed with great success on August 25th 2022 when the electric sailing vessel PELAGO docked in Lavrio. During the summer, PELAGO managed to cover 1200 nautical miles achieving full self-sufficiency

with wind and solar power and to complete the pilot implementation of electrification in its zero carbon footprint sea travel. At the same time, it organized 4 awareness raising events in cooperation with local authorities, institutions and producers in Kea, Chios, Ikaria and Syros, and discussed with boaters in the passages of Trizonia, Poros and Kalymnos about the possibility of achieving a sustainable model of mobility and transport adapted to the requirements of climate change mitigation and environmental protection.

The power of the sails allowed this year to support the vision for an eco-friendly shipping and transport project that connects with the land and retail trade, creating a niche market for small island producers to expand their activity and transport their products with the wind.

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